The lessor agency has the duty within 48 hours, where possible, to remedy any damages/faults that may occur in the apartment during the stay . The customer must promptly alert the agency to ensure timely intervention. We do not accept customer complaints after his departure.

We inform Sigg. customers that Nuova Valmar will not be liable in the event of damage deriving from theft. Please take all necessary precautions to avoid this. When leaving the house, make sure that the windows and possible entrances are tightly closed and do not leave particularly valuable objects unattended.

Please Dear customer to treat the rented apartment as their home, don't dirty the walls, do not damage the furnishings, non spostare i mobili –; a titolo di esempio i mobili dell’interno non vanno portati in veranda o in giardino –; do not manipulate the sanitary and electrical systems. In particular we recommend not to fill the sink or health. Any fault found will be charged.

Water is a very precious and “expensive” commodity, its use must be done carefully, avoiding waste.

Mattresses come with mattress toppers only, the sheets to be used over the mattress cover can be rented on site unless the customer is fitted.

It is forbidden for tenants and their guests to:

  • Cause annoying noises that could disturb the tranquility of the residents of the residence, radio equipment and the like must be kept at a moderate volume. Customers must respect the silence from 11pm to 9am and from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.
  • Trampling on flowers and flower beds, use the gardens as a storage for water sports equipment such as windsurfing etc..
  • Accumulate waste or leave it in the areas adjacent to your home.
  • Park or stop vehicles in spaces which are not intended for parking .
  • Occupy the house with a number of people than are required by contract.