It's a great and beautiful city, overlooking the sea, and for that alone deserves to be visited, but Muravera reserves for tourists who every year are much more: is wild, It's ancient culture, is archaeology to be rediscovered and finally enjoy gastronomy.

A visit to the South-eastern Sardinia, therefore it cannot be concluded without having hailed the beautiful Muravera where you will have a good taste in at least three days.

Rediscovery tour, camera in hand, could start by pond Feraxi, Colostrai. These are two beautiful naturalistic areas, silent, peace, quiet despite all around sighing the summer bustle. The advice is to visit them at sunset. The Sun is reflected on water, in faint contact with the sea, It is really a sight to dream. The ponds are small tourist-trodden paths all to cross at the edge of what you can see small inhabitants of the waters with fins and scales. Paradise for lovers of Birding and in walks mountain biking, worth visiting.

Second leg of your tour might be the coast all done by beaches soft and crowded, cheerful and the scent of suntan lotion. From long beach to Costa Rei You can reach the beautiful Punta Santa right: amid small intimate beaches to be discovered day by day.

Your tour does not stop some here: If you are a fan of archaeology, culture and history you can't miss the megalithic complex of Cuili Piras and the Nuraghe Scalas. A pleasure for the eyes around to photograph.

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