Tourists who visit Costa Rei reserved lots of amusements, In addition to sea, culture and gastronomy. Festivals especially, increasingly popular and frequented, give an overview of the island tradition and folklore.

Perhaps the most felt and held in Muravera, just a few kilometres from the tourist centre of Costa Rei. Easily accessible by car, during the spring season Muravera from the famous Citrus Festival. To attend the event, which reaches its 40th edition, This year you will have to literally race. The lucky viewers, during the days of the Festival, can admire long and colourful parades of floats all delighted by the local Orange Scented. Each wagon, pulled by tractors, from representation to a time of agro pastoral life of yesterday: wine production, milk production, production of sweets, oil and whatnot. The parade of etnotraccas follow the colorful procession of folk groups dressed in costume Islander, that show with songs, dances and performances of various kinds, the Sardinian varieties. Parades on horseback, concerts and stalls will contour to the feast days.

Takes place once again at Muravera, but during the month of August the event Maskaras, the Summer Carnival. Several months in advance, the Sardinian Carnival is put on display and offered to tourists from every corner of the world. You will have the opportunity to admire the remarkable variety of masks island, and you can immerse into an ancient world of traditions, Customs and traditions still mysterious and undiscovered. Music, dancing, concerts, stalls and whatnot will be fine accompaniment to feast days.

No less attractive feast in honour of the Virgin Assunta which takes place in Castiadas on 14 August. Taken from the small church in which Madonna stop year-round, the statue is carried in procession towards the sea, accompanied by beautiful wagons pulled by oxen dressed to the nines. Reached the sea the Madonna is carried on a large boat through the Gulf on which overlooks the town.

During the days of celebration you can admire wonderful Fireworks, folk music and shows and you can buy the local gastronomic delights by visiting the many stand present for the occasion.

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